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Dr Woodruff John Walker is a Consultant Interventional Radiologist

Media Coverage of Uterine Fibroids Symptoms and Cure

Television and Newspaper Coverage

Recommendation of fibroids specialist Dr. Walker by Angela Brooks of the Daily Mail.



Spanish National TV, May 2000
GMTV, 29 March 2000 Radio 1, Interview on Fibroids, Kim Davis, November 13 2001
Carlton Today, March 8 1999 Woman's Hour, February 13 2001
BBC News, Dec 1997  Woman's Hour, 1999


The Daily Mail - Article by Angela Brooks 28 February 2011
Daily Mail
8 June 2010
Frances Hardy & Victoria Lambert
Robbed of their femininity: How women are having needless hysterectomies
Daily Mail Good Health
August 30th 2005
Isla Whitcroft
Surgeons fired plastic 'bullets' into my body and saved me from a hysterectomy
Woman and Home
March 2005
Jo Foley
My fibroids fixed ....without surgery
Leighton-Linslade Citizen Newspaper
February 17th 2005
Kerry Ruse
Baby she thought she'd never have.
New treatment saved woman from hysterectomy.
South Wales Argus
LIFE - 29 December 2004
Helen Roberts
Vitality restored by simple op.
The Observer
Sunday October 17, 2004
Jo Revill, Health Editor
Women left in dark on surgery that saves fertility
Capital Doctor
February 2004
Fibroids and the radiologist
Good Health - Your Health
"Bleeding Hell"
November 2003
Times - Gynaecology and Urology
Hospital Consultants Guide
November 2003
Compiled by Dr Foster
Bella Magazine - Your Health
September 2003
Mary-Claire Mason
I didn't want a hysterectomy at 30
Reader's Digest
Medical Update April 2003
A Good Fix for Fibroids
(The) Mirror Magazine
22 March 2003
Breaking the Cycle
Why 75% of hysterectomies are unnecessary.
The Surrey Advertiser
22 November 2002
Consultant's pioneering work published in journal
The Mirror
14 November 2002
Jill Palmer's medical casebook
That's Life, Your Good Health
28 February 2002
"We'll just whip out your womb".
Dr T Stuttaford
The Times 14 Feb 2002
A quarter of women over 30 will suffer from fibroids at some time
The Mirror 
18 October 2001
Jill Palmer's medical casebook
A simple injection saved my life
The Observer Magazine 
29 July 2001
Barbara Rowlands
The unkindest cut
The Daily Telegraph 
July 17 2001
Christine Doyle
Hope beyond hysterectomy
YOU Magazine 
Sunday Mail 6 May 2001
Living with fibroids
Daily Mail 
February 12 2001 
Kate Hurry
'Pinhole' revolution will help thousands 
Sunday Mail, Rachel Ellis 
February 11 2001
Pinhole surgery brings new hope for women
The Times 
June 15 2000  
Louise Atkinson
Why having a hysterectomy is not always a patient's best option
Spanish National Press
Seville, May 2000
Sunday Express, Feb 13 2000  
Mary Salmon 
Good news for a growing problem
The Times, Feb 19 1998 
T Stuttaford
An easy cure for fibroids 
General Practitioner, 
Feb 20 1998  (page 66)
Reducing fibroids with embolisation
The Daily Telegraph, Jan 27 1998 
C. O'Brien
When shrinking is less of an ordeal
The Daily Telegraph, Nov 9 1997  Breakthrough that replaces
Womb surgery
Women's Journal Sept, 1997  (page 119) Your health risks
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Jane Dewar
All you need to know: fibroids