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Uterine Fibroid Embolization

The traditional treatment of fibroids over the years has been hysterectomy - but no longer

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The Alternative Treatments

Various alternative treatments for uterine fibroids

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Fibroid Embolization and Pregnancy

The trial at the Royal Surrey County Hospital and London Clinic represents the largest world series of pregnancies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Walker answers the most frequently asked questions about fibroid embolization

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Adenomyosis which may coexist with fibroids is a condition in which cells from the lining of the womb . . .

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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Fibroids are one of the contraindications to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) . . . .

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Sexual Function

Will my sex life suffer after fibroid embolisation? . . . .

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Esmya is a medicine, which is supposed to be used only in the short term for control of fibroid symptoms . . . .

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Delayed Treatment

prompt treatment should be strongly considered before the fibroids become too large . . . .

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UFE IN Young Women

Sarah was 13 years old when her mother took her to her GP because she had fainted at school . . . .

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Recurrence Rates

The incidence of recurrence after fibroid embolization is very low.

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Mirena Coil and Submucous Fibroids

The Mirena coil has been a great invention that in most instances effectively stops women having significant periods.

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Many women in their forties with fibroids causing significant often debilitating symptoms

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Long Term Follow Up Paper

Download the Paper.

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Asherman's Syndrome

Asherman’s syndrome is due to fibrotic scarring in the uterine cavity called adhesions.

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Media Coverage

Television, Radio and Newspaper coverage of Dr. Walkers's embolization experience.

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There is a concept amongst some of the public that natural cures are to be preferred to scientific ones.

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Former treatment for the NHS.

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Post Menopausal Patients

Post menopausal

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Sub Mucous Fibroids

Sub mucous

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