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Patients should have fibroid embolisation at an earlier stage

Patients should be having fibroid embolisation much earlier. Unfortunately, patients are being treated for their fibroids at an unnecessarily late stage. When fibroids are requiring treatment, in other words, symptomatic but relatively ‘small’, fibroid embolisation frankly is a piece of cake. The patient’s post procedural symptoms e.g. pain are much less, the fibroids are all killed at one hit and the cure is permanent.

In the past the only treatments available were major surgery and therefore gynaecologists understandably were reluctant to advocate the surgery until the situation became really pretty desperate. Unfortunately, this is still the case.

It is increasingly the view that embolisation is a simple procedure which should be undertaken early in the course of the disease once the patient becomes symptomatic or the fibroids are demonstrated to be growing and it is wrong that this method of treatment is being withheld from patients or that patients are simply not being told that fibroid embolisation exists, despite the recommendations of both the Colleges of Radiology and Obstetrics and Gynaecology in this country and in the United States and also the fact that it has been passed as a routine procedure by NICE in 2007 and given an A rating treatment under the National Health Service.

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